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The Currency Crisis in 1920's France


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  • 1920年代フランスにおける通貨危機 : 「ポワンカレ・フラン」成立の歴史的前提
  • 1920ネンダイ フランス ニ オケル ツウカ キキ ポワンカレ フラン セイ

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This paper is a historical analysis of the currency crisis in 1920's France in its relation to the completion of "Le franc Poincare". The franc depreciation right after the World War I appeared in compound relation to the triple critical situation of the post-war French economy : inflation, trade balance deficit, and financial difficulty. This relation was reorganized through the restoration process from the economic crisis in 1920, and then the currency crisis was directly connected to the financial difficulty. During the process, industrial firms gained export premium, and commercial banks were forming monetary circuit by rediscounting of the accepted government bonds. Early in 1924, the exchange rate of the franc sharply failed. In the socio-economic critical situation, the Cartel des Gauches won the election in May 1924. The Cartel des Gauches administration tried several political measures against the currency crisis such as foundation of capital levy and consolidation of the floating debts. However, heading to the collapse of the administration, the government bond issue which was then the only possible political choice, faced a severe difficulty. In July 1926, after the collapse of the second Herriot cabinet, Poincare was inaugurated the prime minister, and the franc stabilization was set about. In the final phase of the currency crisis, industrial firms and commercial banks had changed their tactics from "anti-inflation" to "the approval of inflation". The financial difficulty and the recession in the summer of 1926 were the background of their decision. "Le franc Poincare" was a result of the inflationist decision.


  • The Journal of Agrarian History

    The Journal of Agrarian History 29 (3), 23-37, 1987

    The Agrarian History Society (Renamed as The Political Economy and Economic History Society)


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