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Analysis of Elements Which Determine the Effectiveness of Sport Clubs in Community


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  • 地域スポーツクラブの有効性を規定する要因の検討 : リーダーシップ認知の一致度と指導者の信頼度の影響


The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of the difference of leadership perceptions between leaders' own and members' upon the effectiveness of sport clubs in community. At the same time, it was also aimed to examine the relation between members' reliance on their leader and club effectiveness. Data were collected from 39 leaders and 312 members of sport clubs in community by means of questionnaires in 1984. Based on House's Path-Goal Thory which was a kind of Expectancy Theory Model and multivariate statistical procedures were applied, following results were detected. 1. Leadership (initiating structure and consideration ) perceptions by leaders' own were more positive than members'. It indicated that the discrepancy of leadership perceptions led the decrease of members' path instrumentarity of behavior for goal attainment. 2. The lower the degree of difference between leaders' perceptions on leadership and members' became, the higher the effectivenss of sport clubs turned out. 3. Even if the degree of discrepancy on initiating structure perceptions were high, when the degree of members' reliance on their leader was high the effectiveness didn't become so low. But even if the degree of members' reliance was high, when the degree of discrepancy on consideration perceptions were high the effectiveness became low.



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