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Taylor Vortex Flow at Very Small Aspect Ratio. Flow Pattern Exchange from Anomalous Mode to Normal Mode and Bifurcation Process of Unsteady Mode.

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  • アスペクト比が小さい場合のテイラー渦流れ  変異・正規モード間の流動形態変化と非定常モードの遷移過程
  • アスペクトヒ ガ チイサイ バアイ ノ テイラーウズ ナガレ ヘンイ セイキ モード カン ノ リュウドウ ケイタイ ヘンカ ト ヒテイジョウ モード ノ センイ カテイ

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Time dependent numerical investigation is carried out on Taylor vortex flow between two concentric rotating cylinders with very short cylinder lengths. When the mode of the flow exchanges from the anomalous mode to the normal mode, the inner and outer extra cells develop and the saddle point emerges in the contours of the stream function. The inner extra cell grows, and it covers the outer extra cell and the saddle point. Two extra cells merge into a normal cell, and the saddle point vanishes. In the transition process from the twin-cell mode to the unsteady mode, a slight difference of the Reynolds number causes the drastic exchange of the flow patterns. The critical loci from the unsteady mode to the normal two-cell mode are determined in the (Γ, Re) plane. The periods of the unsteady mode are given at a constant aspect ratio, and they become longer as the Reynolds number increases.


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