Numerical Simulation on Diesel Particle Trap and Filter Regeneration

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  • ディーゼル微粒子の堆積とフィルタの再生過程の数値解析
  • ディーゼル微粒子の堆積とフィルタの再生課程の数値解析
  • ディーゼル ビリュウシ ノ タイセキ ト フィルタ ノ サイセイ カテイ ノ スウチ カイセキ

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Recently, more strict diesel particulate emissions standards are being set in many countries. To have an advantage of low fuel consumption in comparison with gasoline engines, several improvements including combustion conditions in diesel engines have been considered. As for the after-treatment of exhaust gas, a filter such as cellular diesel particulate filters has been widely used. In this study, we conducted fluid simulation in the diesel filter by the Lattice Boltzmann method. The soot deposition was considered for the soot trap inside the filter. The soot combustion was also simulated to burn accumulated soot particles in filter regeneration process. The inner structure of the filter developed by COTEC Limited was obtained by a 3D-CT technique. Results show that the flow pattern is largely changed when the soot is attached to the filter wall, with higher back-pressure. The soot combustion is well simulated to show the effects of oxygen concentration on the temperature and reaction rate.


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