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Three-Dimensional Measurement for Straight Bevel Gear.

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  • すぐばかさ歯車の三次元測定
  • スグバカサハグルマ ノ 3ジゲン ソクテイ

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A method for inspecting the machine settings for straight bevel gear cutting is proposed. The bevel gear is generated by a newly introduced "quasi-complementary crown gear" instead of a conventional complementary crown gear. A tooth bearing of a pair of generated gears is theoretically desirable. The coordinates of many points on a tooth surface are measured at random using a coordinate measuring machine. The measured data should be including various type of information derived from the machine settings. Taking this fact into consideration, each information on the machine settings is extracted from the data using the method of least squares. The extracted items can be corrected, and they are: tool pressure angle, tooth angle, root cone angle, apex to back and tooth thickness. Using the proposed method, it is possible to produce interchangeable bevel gears.


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