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Measurements of Distributions of Contact Pressures between Ground Surfaces using PET Films.

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  • PET薄膜を用いた研削表面間の接触圧力分布測定
  • PET ハクマク オ モチイタ ケンサク ヒョウメンカン ノ セッショク アツ

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A new method of measuring a distribution of contact pressures between ground surfaces using a thin PET film with 0.9 μm thickness has been developed. Punch specimens were made of carbon steel S 45 C and its ends were ground. The PET film was inserted between ground surfaces of the punch specimens and pressed at a given pressure for one minute. The PET film was indented by surface asperities on the ground surfaces at real contact points. Thus if the relationship between the areas of the indented parts and the applied pressures were knwon, the contact pressures could be determined by measuring the indented areas of the PET film. The indented areas of the PET films were proportinal to the applied pressures in the range of 0 to 300 MPa. The indented areas were measured automatically with image processing through an optical microscope which was modified so that its stage was controlled by a microcomputer. The apparent contact area was divided into many portions with areas of about 0.017 mm2 and the contact pressure was determined in each portion. The measured distributions of contact pressures for circular and square punches were compared with the calculated ones. They were in relatively good agreement with each other.


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