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Optimizing the Cutting Processes of Mold Dies to Improve Optical Characteristics on Fresnel Screens.

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  • 成形金型切削プロセス最適化によるフレネルスクリーンの光学特性向上
  • セイケイ カナガタ セッサク プロセス サイテキカ ニヨル フレネル スクリー

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An experimental study of precision cutting of molding dies using single crystal diamond cutting tools for large Fresnel screens (size: T3×921×714 mm, Fresnel angle: 0.004-55.0), for improving the optical characteristics of the screens is described. The conclusions are as follows: (1) A burr is generated at the shoulder of the grooves during cutting, which causes compressed chip material to accumulate and laterally compress both sidewalls of the grooves; (2) The burr generation is suppressed by increase of the rake angle of the diamond cutters, decrease of the down feed rate, and reduction of stock removal; (3) Generation of a color corn on the Fresnel screen is caused by light escaping through non-lens surfaces; this is avoided by making the non-lens surfaces semi-transparent where the surface roughness is around 1μm Rmax Through use of the above-mentioned information to improve the cutting process, desirable optical characteristics were achieved for Fresnel screens used in projection TVs.



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