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The lateral vibration analysis of a bogie car considering the resistance to truck turning. (1st Report, Effects of the friction force at side bearer).

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  • 台車旋回抵抗を考慮したボギー車の左右強制振動解析 I  側受け摩擦力の影響
  • ダイシャ センカイ テイコウ オ コウリョシタ ボギーシャ ノ サユウ キョウ

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The resistance against truck turning, that is composed of the friction force and elastic one working in series, contributes to the running stability of bogie-cars. So, up to present, the effects of the resistance have been studied as to the stability for hunting motion. But this study deals with its effects on the forced lateral vibration caused by the alignment irregularity of track. The numerical integration of motion equations by Runge-Kutta-Gill method is applied for the analysis. As the 1st report, this paper describes simulated results about effects of the friction force at side bearer in relation to the amplitude of track irregularity and running speed. These results suggest that it is disadvantage to the running vibration to lower the friction coefficient of side bearer from the present value as a countermeasure against the heavy wear of wheel-flange.



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