Parameterization of Axle Supporting System Satisfying Steering Ability together with Running Stability.

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  • 操舵性と走行安定性を両立させる輪軸支持機構のパラメータ決定
  • ソウダセイ ト ソウコウ アンテイセイ オ リョウリツ サセル リンジク シジ キコウ ノ パラメータ ケッテイ

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An axle supporting system which satisfy both steering and stability was proposed previously by one of the authors. To utilize the benefit of the proposed system fully, it is needed to decide the suitable parameter values under theoretical ground. This paper describes a parameter design method for the axle supporting system step by step, considering the maximum operation speed, the maximum curve radius, and so on. Here, the parameter values are restricted to be within the possible range for present railway vehicles. To show the effect of the parametrized axle supporting system, numerical simulation is performed for two cases, one is for high-speed inter-city train and the other is for low-speed mass transit one. Calculation results show that the curving performance, such as attack angle, lateral force and wear index, is improved with the parametrized system, maintaining the adequate stability, in both examined cases.


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