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Identification of Control Parameters for Brass Player's Embouchure Involving Contact Pressure on the Teeth Buccal Surface.

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  • 歯頬面接触圧力による金管楽器奏者のアンブシュア制御パラメータの同定
  • シ ホオメン セッショク アツリョク ニ ヨル キン カンガッキソウシャ ノ アンブシュア セイギョ パラメータ ノ ドウテイ

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It is important for senior brass instrument players to study the detailed control parameters for embouchure building. While many investigators have reported the preliminary data on the muscle behavior, the precise aspects are unrevealed so far. The purpose of the present paper is to study dynamic perioral muscle behavior of French horn players and to investigate their lip valve function by measuring the contact pressure on teeth buccal surface during playing. It was shown from the experimental results that the advanced players contracted depressor and levator angulioris especially for high tone playing. The combined contraction by these muscles may contribute to smaller lip aperture formation appropriate for higher tones. Inversely a strong contraction of m. buccinator was found insignificantly from the results for the advanced players while it is well known that m. buccinator contracts hard during playing.


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