A study on the improvement in the accuracy of the three-coordinate measuring machine. (A method of error correction)

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  • 三次元座標測定機の精度向上に関する基礎的研究  誤差補正法
  • 3ジゲン ザヒョウ ソクテイキ ノ セイド コウジョウ ニ カンスル キソテキ

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To improve the accuracy of the three-coordinate measuring machine, a method of correcting the error in the coordinate measurement is proposed. The discrete distribution of the error vector can be determined, as was reported in the earlier papers. The correcting method is as follows : (1) The measuring range is divided into a number of elements of a rectangular prism, (2) The error vector is presumed with the interpolation polinominal for the element in which the probe is positioned, (3) The results of the coordinate measurement are corrected by the presumed error vector. In order to confirm the method, measurements are made on both distance and flatness, and the results are corrected using the proposed method. It is shown that the corrected values are closer to the true values, and that the method proposed here is useful for improving the accuracy of the three-coordinate measuring machine.



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