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Survival and Growth of Planted Trees in Relation to the Debris Movement on Gravel Deposit of a Check Dam.

  • Sakio H.
    Forestry Research Branch, Saitama Prefectural Agriculture & Forestry Research Center

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  • 治山ダム直上流渓流域の土砂移動に対する植栽木の生残•成長特性
  • 治山ダム直上流渓流域の土砂移動に対する植栽木の生残・成長特性
  • チサン ダム チョクジョウリュウ ケイリュウイキ ノ ドシャ イドウ ニ タイスル ショクサイボク ノ セイザン セイチョウ トクセイ

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For the purpose of rehabilitation of riparian forests in mountain regions, I have introduced riparian tree species into a riparian zone in an afforestation basin. I planted seedlings of Aesculus turbinata, Fraxinus platypoda and Juglans mandshurica var. sachalinensis on the gravel deposit of a check dam in the riparian zone of Chichibu Mountains region situated in a cool-temperate zone and, examined the survival and growth of the planted seedlings for seven years. The disturbance regime of the riparian zone was analyzed using the ground level as an index. Though over 50% of the planted seedlings were washed away by flood after a typhoon hit, about 15% of the planted seedlings remained on the higher terrace seven years after planting. Disturbances of gravel deposit of check dam vary in type (erosion, sedimentation, channel shift, landslide and so on), frequency and size. The survival of planted seedlings was closely related with the disturbance regime on a riparian zone. The survival ratio of planted seedlings was high on the higher terrace that had little erosion of gravel deposit. The growth rate of Aesculus turbinata was higher than that of the other species. Fraxinus platypoda had the highest tolerance to being buried in gravel deposit among the three species. As a result, it is important to plant the native riparian species seedlings on a higher terrace that is far away from the center of a stream and is rarely disturbed by flood. Finally, I have proposed a plan for the rehabilitation of riparian forest in a mountain region.


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