MDA Development in Manufacturing Execution System by UML and Supplementary Document

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  • UMLと補足ドキュメントによる生産実行システムにおけるMDA開発


In this paper, we propose evaluation and verification about the MDA development by UML which aims at the improvement in productivity and maintainability of MES. We consider why MDA (Model Driven Architecture) is not widely spread in the development of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and propose a method to overcome the problem which prevents the developers of MES from adopting MDA. The method makes it possible to apply the MDA development with UML (Unified Modeling Language) to the development of MES by introducing additional documents to supplement. We evaluated the proposed method by using the prototype system which was developed with a UML modeling tool and Excel macros. The application of the system to a practical example showed that the proposed method required about half number of documents and software development workers of the conventional one. It is expected that the MDA development of MES with UML and the proposed supplemental documents encourage the reuse of the documents and the productivity and the maintainability are remarkably improved.


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