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Surface Condition and 3-D Position Detection of Thermally Sprayed Materials Using a Laser Rangefinder(Mechanical Systems)

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  • レーザレンジファインダによる溶射皮膜のはく離状態と3次元位置の同時検出(機械力学,計測,自動制御)
  • レーザレンジファインダによる溶射皮膜のはく離状態と3次元位置の同時検出
  • レーザレンジファインダ ニ ヨル ヨウシャ ヒマク ノ ハクリ ジョウタイ ト 3ジゲン イチ ノ ドウジ ケンシュツ

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This paper describes a method of measuring the surface condition of thermally sprayed materials and its three-dimensional position with a new laser rangefinder. The feature of this rangefinder is to equip an optical position sensor which has the ability to simultaneously detect the position of a light and its incident angle onto the sensor. Moreover, the sensor has an autonomous exposure time control function with a microcomputer. Therefore, our laser rangefinder can detect the 3-D positions of an object with unknown reflectance. We constructed a prototype system and performed some experiments. First, we inspected the surface reflection of each element in thermally sprayed materials and established the measurement procedure using our rangefinder, which can identify the surface condition based on the optical properties. Next, we measured the thermally sprayed materials with several kinds of delaminations. From the measurement results, the error of the 3D position measurement was Δz/z=0.7%, which was independent of the surface reflection of the measured objects. Regarding the detection of the surface condition, we could identify four types of delamination conditions with accuracy. The proposed method has great potential for a wide range of industrial inspections.


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