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Product-structure analysis of a dance video: Implications for appreciation in a physical education class


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  • ダンス映像のプロダクト構造分析:スポーツ鑑賞授業のための基礎的考察


<p>  The objectives of this study were to 1)clarify the product structure of visual sports media(a ballet DVD)used as a teaching material, and 2), to schematically characterize the functions of this product based on previous studies. The following results were obtained:</p><p>  To analyze the product structure, the contents of a ballet DVD were categorized into items. These items were ranked according to their reliability, and those with low reliability were deleted. The remaining items were subjected to factor analysis. As a result, the following five factors were extracted: “moving factor,” “decoration factor,” “expression factor,” “background factor,” and “story factor.” Using the results of factor analysis, the product structure of the DVD was illustrated schematically as the relationship among these five factors. Furthermore, we attempted to present the product structure as the relationship among these factors and create an illustration that visually represents the structure. For this purpose, we applied the “Core-periphery theory” proposed by Udo(1993)and Chelladurai(1994). The core of the product is the “advantage of seeing the movements in the DVD teaching materials,” that is, the characteristic of visual teaching materials. In other words, it is what cannot be understood without seeing, and is insufficiently taught using only paper materials. In this study, the moving factor and expression factor were considered to form the “core,” and the other factors were recognized as the “periphery.” This illustrated product structure is consistent with the aim of the dance class as a compulsory subject. The present results also confirmed that use of a video as a teaching material has some educational benefits.</p>



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