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The Reaction Mechanisms of O<sub>2</sub> Formation in Photosynthesis

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  • 光合成における酸素発生の反応機構
  • コウゴウセイ ニ オケル サンソ ハッセイ ノ ハンノウ キコウ

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<p>Photosystems are natural energy conversion systems evolved for over 2,700 million years. Among the photosystems, photosystem II (PSII) catalyzes the light-driven water decomposition reaction with the production of O2, protons and electrons to reduce plastoquinone. The reaction is important not only for understanding natural photosynthesis but also for creating efficient artificial photosynthesis. In this review, PSII catalytic intermediate states and their reaction mechanisms elucidated by experimental and theoretical approaches are introduced mainly following the development of the X-ray crystallography. For the O2 formation mechanism, two representative mechanisms, acid-base and radical coupling, are explained. Finally, we discuss the geometrical and electronic structures of inorganic model complex in comparison with those of the native catalytic center in PSII.</p>


  • Seibutsu Butsuri

    Seibutsu Butsuri 58 (3), 127-133, 2018

    The Biophysical Society of Japan General Incorporated Association


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