Research and Development of Home Service Robots Aiming for Social Implementation

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  • 社会実装を目指したホームサービスロボットの研究開発


<p>Home service robots have begun attracting attention due to decreasing birthrate and increasing aging population. We,“Hibikino-Musashi@Home”team, develop home service robots, and participate international competitions; RoboCup@Home and World Robot Challenge (WRC), which are established to realize that robots will work and live with people in domestic environments. In this paper, we introduce our robots and technologies, especially an object recognition and manipulation system. We use You Only Look Once (YOLO) for object recognition. To train YOLO, a big dataset which is difficult to prepare in a short term is required. For this, we develop an automatic annotation system for YOLO which can generate 1.7 million training data, and we can complete training of YOLO in a day. To grasp objects, estimation of object orientations is required. Our system can detect the orientations by processing point clouds of objects. By using the system, we obtained about 30% of scores in Tidy Up Task in the WRC.</p>



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