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Analysis on Farmers' Willingness of Implement to Combinations of Solar Photovoltaic and Food Crops

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  • 農業者の営農型太陽光発電の実施意向に関する分析
  • ノウギョウシャ ノ エイノウガタ タイヨウコウ ハツデン ノ ジッシ イコウ ニ カンスル ブンセキ

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<p>As one of the new styles of agriculture, the combination of solar photovoltaic and food crops is spreading. However, there are few empirical analysis about this new agricultural style. Using data of questionnaire survey, this paper has analyzed the factors that affect this new agricultural style by farmers. In the present study, it has been revealed that the expectation for electricity self-generation and adding value for agricultural products have enhanced farmers' willingness for the combination of solar photovoltaic and food crops.</p>



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