Particle Filling Ratio of Capsule-type Granular Damper

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  • カプセル型粒状体ダンパの粒子充填率


<p>This paper describes the particle vibration damper design, based on experiments using multiple unit capsule-dampers in place of cavities inside SDOF structure. The interplay of various parameters such as mass ratio, percentage volume fill, particle size, intensity of excitation, number of capsules were investigated with eight different particle damping configurations loaded up to 0.18 intensity of vertical excitation. Experimental testing shows that if a given single-unit particle damper is replaced by two or more units of equivalent total mass in capsules operating in parallel; the new capsule system retains much the same effectiveness in regard to vibration amplitude reduction, while the percentage volume fill can have significant effect on the damping at high excitations.</p>



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