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‘Pharmacists-Nurses coordination' - How to utilize the nursing viewpoint in pharmacotherapy -

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  • 薬剤師の立場から 薬看連携 〜看護の視点を薬物治療に生かすには〜


<p>The most important role of nurses as medical staff is "information practitioner" that provide patient information to other medical staff. Nurses are the most familiar medical staff to the patients when they are cure- and care-hospitalized. It leads to the best effect for the patient by conveying the information even if it is a trivial, obtained in daily relations with the patient to other medical professionals. In other words, nurses play a major role in "awareness" and "connecting" the information to medical staff to the changes in the condition of the patient. Recently, pharmacists reside in wards and administer medication therapy for hospitalized patients. But it is difficult to properly grasp the condition of all patients. In order for all patients undergoing medication to properly complete, the nurse is aware of the knowledge for the adverse drug reactions (ADRs) of each drug that patients take. It is very much important to notice its sign of ADRs in early and to prevent the severity of the ADRs by making appropriate treatment. In this symposium, I would like to talk about the importance of pharmaceutical knowledge and the Pharmacists-Nurses coordination for patient safety from the standpoint of pharmacists.</p>



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