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Room temperature self-healing function for ceramics using hydration reaction of cement

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  • セラミックス部材におけるセメントの水和反応を用いた常温型自己治癒機能


<p>In this research, a new type of self-healimg mechanism for ceramics is developed. This mechanism is using hydration reaction of cement as a self-healing mechanism and the effictivness of this mechanism is assessed. We developed advanced CMC(Ceramic Matrix Composites) which has self-healing ability. Ceramic matrix is mainly composed of SiO2 and Al2O3 and self-heling agent which causes chemical reaction is mainly composed of CaO and Al2O3. This self-healing agent is generally called calcium aluminate cement. When water comes into cracks and contact with the cement, hydration reaction occurs and hydrates fill up the cracks. Self-healing phenomenon can be divided into 3 stages. At the first stage, chemical reaction starts. At the second stage, cracks are filled with products. At the third stage, strength is recoverd. According to this devision, chemical reaction used in the self-healing mechanism can be divided into three elementary reaction. With this idea, a model of self-healing mechanism using hydration reaction is established. As a result, it is suggested that with some additional condition, strength recover is possible. Howevr, full sterength recover seems to be impossibe unless drying shrinkage of hydrates is supressed.</p>



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