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Survey of Retrospective Interviews in Employment Experiences of Students with a Tendency of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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  • 自閉スペクトラム症傾向のある学生に対する就業体験における振り返り面談の実態調査
  • 自閉スペクトラム症傾向のある学生に対する就業体験における振り返り面談の実態調査 : 就労支援者へのインタビュー調査を通して
  • ジヘイスペクトラムショウ ケイコウ ノ アル ガクセイ ニ タイスル シュウギョウ タイケン ニ オケル フリカエリ メンダン ノ ジッタイ チョウサ : シュウロウ シエンシャ エ ノ インタビュー チョウサ オ トオシテ
  • From Interview Survey with Supporters for Employment
  • —就労支援者へのインタビュ-調査を通して—

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<p>The purpose of this study was to clarify the actual situation of the feedback after the work experience in the context of employment support for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Supporters of ASD students at universities or support facilities who are involved in employment support (N = 11) were subjected to semi-constructed interviews and analyzed using the Modified Grounded Theory Approach (M-GTA). As a result, 4 categories were generated: "Characteristics of the ASD student at the time of the interview felt by the supporters" "Response at the time of interview" "Correspondence policies (advance)" and "Difficulties in supporting". In addition, specific responses that considered the characteristics of students with ASD, including their disability characteristics, and points to be noted by supporters, although not specific responses, were arranged. Supporters emphasized the importance of response to enable students to reflect on themselves from an objective point of view and to view their employment experiences positively. In this study, there are cases in which supporters are struggling to respond, and it is necessary to examine the contents and methods of retrospectives in order to provide employment experiences more effectively by utilizing the knowledge obtained in this study.</p>


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