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Evaluation of Regional Facility Locations in Japanese Jurisdictions for Urban Core Planning

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  • 都市拠点設計への応用のための全国自治体の地域施設配置比較評価


<p>The location of the facilities that form urban cores is an important factor for the evaluation of the urban core plan. This study aims to evaluate the location of local facilities in 1,892 jurisdictions in Japan and design urban cores. We use three indices: accessibility, facility sufficiency, and excess rate. First, the evaluation of facility location shows that the level of three indices vary with jurisdictions, and that accessibility and facility sufficiency are negatively related. Second, there exists a large gap between current facility location and optimal location that is obtained by solving minisum location problems in jurisdictions with high excess rate. Third, defining urban cores using partial graph of Delaunay network can work as a method to renew urban core plan of jurisdictions with high excess rates in which relocation of regional facilities can substantially improve accessibility.</p>


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