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Judgment of Success / Failure of Lid Fitting Based on Active Sensing

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  • アクティブセンシングに基づく蓋の嵌め合い動作の成否判定


<p>This paper proposes a judgement system of success / failure of lid fitting tasks based on active sensing. It is important to automate the success detection of various tasks. When people closed a lid, it can be judged not only by watching but also by actually applying force and touching it. This is considered to be confirmed on the basis of the force generated by the fitting action. In the proposed method, a rapid change in force during the fitting action is detected, and then the stiffness on the control side is changed during active sensing. In doing so, the judgement can be made. As a result of verification by experiment, it was confirmed that success or failure of the task can be determined by active sensing based on forces before and after the moment of lid fit.</p>



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