Elucidation of Flow Characteristics in Honeycomb Structure for Nanobubble Generating Apparatus

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  • ハニカム構造体からなるナノバブル生成装置の生成能力に及ぼす異なるセルサイズと流れ特性の影響
  • ハニカム コウゾウタイ カラ ナル ナノバブル セイセイ ソウチ ノ セイセイ ノウリョク ニ オヨボス コトナル セルサイズ ト ナガレ トクセイ ノ エイキョウ

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<p>In this study, nanobubble generator using a honeycomb structure is investigated towards producing a large amount of water including large nanobubble density. Our previous study showed that the pressure reduction and shear stress are involved in the honeycomb cell flow. In this study, the nanobubble generating performance is studied experimentally for honeycomb structures by varying the cell size and the flow velocity. Then, the small-scale honeycomb cell structure is studied for the broader industrial applications. Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis is also performed to simulate the experiment to find out the efficient nanobubble generation. The results show that the maximum shear stress is the main controlling factor of the nanobubble generation for small and large apparatuses.</p>



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