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Demonstration of the Concept of Laser Fusion Rocket

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  • レーザー核融合ロケットの原理実証研究
  • レーザーカク ユウゴウ ロケット ノ ゲンリ ジッショウ ケンキュウ

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Laser fusion rocket is a thrust system in which a propellant is ionized by a plasma from inertial confinement fusion (ICF), and the lasers are driven by an output energy from ICF. The laser fusion rocket generates large thrust and high specific impulse simultaneously and it would be one of the candidates for manned interplanetary missions, as reported in the concept of ICF rocket (VISTA), which has been first proposed in 1983 and summarized in 2003. Though this system uses a magnetic nozzle to control and extract a propellant plasma, it is unclear how the magnetic nozzle works in such an explosively expanding plasma. In this paper, we introduce the numerical research on this thrust system, and experimental investigations of thrust generation, ion extraction, and plasma diagnostics.



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