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Problems Related to Students’ Health and Safety at School, and Needs for Learning in a Teacher Training Course:

  • SUGISAKI Koshu
    Department of Health and Sports, Niigata University of Health and Welfare
  • MONOBE Hirofumi
    Faculty of Education, Yokohama National University
  • UEJI Masaru
    Faculty of Education, Ibaraki University
  • FUJIWARA Shota
    Faculty of Family and Consumer Sciences, Kamakura Women’s University
  • YAMADA Kohei
    Faculty of Education, Aichi University of Education
  • SAWADA Makiko
    Faculty of Physical Education, Japan Women's College of Physical Education
  • MORI Ryoichi
    Faculty of Physical Education, Tokai University
  • YOKOSHIMA Tsuyoshi
    Department for Curriculum Development, National Institute for Educational Policy Research
  • UEDA Seiji
    Faculty of Liberal Arts, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo

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  • 学校における保健・安全に関する対応場面での課題と教員養成段階での教育の必要性:
  • 学校における保健・安全に関する対応場面での課題と教員養成段階での教育の必要性 : 養護教諭への全国調査の結果から
  • ガッコウ ニ オケル ホケン ・ アンゼン ニ カンスル タイオウ バメン デ ノ カダイ ト キョウイン ヨウセイ ダンカイ デ ノ キョウイク ノ ヒツヨウセイ : ヨウゴ キョウユ エ ノ ゼンコク チョウサ ノ ケッカ カラ
  • Results of a Nationwide Survey among Yogo Teachers
  • 養護教諭への全国調査の結果から

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This study aimed to clarify the problems related to students’ health and safety at school and identify teachers’ needs for learning in a teacher training course by conducting a survey for yogo teachers who were experts in school health and safety. Except for training courses for yogo teachers or health and physical education teachers, there are no compulsory subjects regarding problems related to student health and safety at school. Moreover, previous reports have indicated that general teachers found it difficult to deal with topics related to student health and safety. We surveyed 2,992 yogo teachers randomly selected from across the country and 1,196 responses were received (response rate 40. 0%). The results indicated that mental care, first aid, and developmental disabilities accounted for more than 80% of the problems experienced by yogo teachers related to student health and safety. It was also suggested that the number of years of experience was related to problem perception. Among the topics that needed to be learned at the teacher preparation stage, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, developmental disorders, mental care, allergies, heat stroke, and use of an EpiPen accounted for a high proportion, while chronic diseases, eating disorders, cooperation with other staff (for safety), and orthostatic dysregulation accounted for a low proportion. The present results need to be considered when developing training content required for incumbent teachers and novice teachers, and when discussing the subjects required for teacher training courses. This would also help teachers to respond effectively to problems related to student health and safety at school.


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