3D Plane Detection Algorithm for Detection of Station Platform Edge

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  • 駅のホーム縁端検出を目的とした3次元平面検出アルゴリズムの検討


<p>In this paper, in order to evaluate the plane detection algorithm for detecting the edge of a station platform, we verified the algorithm by running it on the 3D distance data measured at the actual station platform. As the result, we were able to detect the plane with the error that is small enough to distinguish it from steps such as stairs. However, the correct answer rate and the true negative rate were greatly reduced by the distant point clouds and the movement of the sensor itself, so it is necessary to remove the distant point clouds and to reduce the error caused by the movement of the sensor itself in the current algorithm. In the future, we will verify the algorithm in other situations, and implement and verify additional processing.</p>



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