Advances in Organic Ionic Materials Based on Ionic Liquids and Polymers

  • Watanabe Masayoshi
    Advanced Chemical Energy Research Center, Institute of Advanced Sciences, Yokohama National University


<p>Ionics has emerged as an important scientific area for realizing the key materials necessary for the development of advanced electrochemical devices that would support a sustainable society. In this paper, new organic ion-conducting materials such as ionic liquids and polymer electrolytes are the research focus, as conventional aqueous and organic electrolyte solutions have several disadvantages that prove to be a bottleneck for making a breakthrough in electrochemical materials and devices. A detailed investigation of the ion dynamics in these materials and their interfaces with electrodes was performed, and significant contribution was made to establish the field of organic ionics. Furthermore, stimuli-responsive smart materials based on ionic liquids and polymers have been proposed, and new materials distinguished by advantageous features have been realized. The relevant studies are reviewed in this paper.</p>



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