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Calibration of Radiocarbon Ages for Marine Samples(Proceedings of the 16^<th> Symposium on Researches Using the Tandetron AMS System at Nagoya University in 2003)

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  • ^<14>C年代の暦年代較正と海洋リザーバー効果 (第16回名古屋大学タンデトロン加速器質量分析計シンポジウム平成15(2003)年度報告)


Accurate knowledge on marine reservoir effect is particularly important to estimate active periods of archeological sites in Japan. Since most of archeological sites are situated in an alluvial plain in Japan, archeological remains include inevitably marine products. To obtain precise calendar ages for marine samples such as shell fragments and sea mammal bones by ^<14>C dating, a correction for marine reservoir effect is necessary. In addition, ^<14>C ages on a collagen fraction extracted from human bones should be corrected for the sources of their diet, the uptake ratio of terrestrial food to marine one. However, the local fluctuation of marine reservoir effect around Japan Islands is not known well. This study gives a brief summary of a calibration method for ^<14>C ages of samples containing marine-derived carbon.

第16回名古屋大学タンデトロン加速器質量分析計シンポジウム(平成15年(2003年度)報告 Proceedings of the 16th Symposium on Researches Using the Tandetron AMS System at Nagoya University in 2003 日時:平成16(2004)年1月22日(木)、23日(金) 会場:名古屋大学シンポジオン Date:January 22nd and 23rd,2004 Place:Nagoya University Symposion Hall


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