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Evaluation of Eco-driving Skill Using Information on Driving and Circumstances


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  • 自車状況と周囲状況を考慮したエコドライブレベルの評価
  • ジシャ ジョウキョウ ト シュウイ ジョウキョウ オ コウリョ シタ エコドライブレベル ノ ヒョウカ

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Recently, ITS technologies aimed for eco-driving have attracted much attention in the research community. However, the previous studies are limited in that they do not take into consideration circumstances under which a driver is driving a vehicle, but only the vehicle's statuses and drivers' driving behaviors such as running velocity, acceleration, deceleration, steering, etc. are considered. Circumstances such as traffic conditions, road alignments or traffic lights should also be considered. In this work, we propose a technique for evaluating eco-driving skill which takes into account not only vehicle's statuses and drivers' driving behaviors but also circumstances. It is validated based on a basic experiment with a driving simulator in this study.



    SEISAN KENKYU 63 (2), 253-258, 2011

    Institute of Industrial Science The University of Tokyo

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