A Study on Recognition of the Roles of City Master Plan by Small-Scale Municipalities

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  • 地方小規模自治体の都市計画マスタープランの必要性に関する認識の調査研究
  • Based on a Survey for the Municipalities that Drew/Revised their Plans in the Past Five Years, in Kyushu, Chugoku and Shikoku Regions
  • 最近5年以内に策定・改訂した九州・中国・四国の自治体を対象として


This paper aims to investigate the roles of city master plan of small-scale municipalities. A questionnaire survey was conducted over the municipalities with less than 50,000 population and recently drew/revised the plans, in Kyushu, Chugoku, and Shikoku regions, for the reason of drawing/revising the plans, future direction of the plan's roles, etc. The major results are; 1) Practical reasons are necessary for drawing/revising the plans in spite of the significance of future visioning. 2) Several municipalities daringly do not draw clear future visions. 3) Although most municipalities require the strengthening the role of the plans, not a few municipalities hope to reduce it. Finally, this paper presents several alternative ideas to improve the city master plan system, such as flexible operation, utilizing other institutional plans, or strengthening the planning system.



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