Elasto/visco-plastic dynamic response of thin shells of revolution by means of overlay model.

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  • Overlayモデルによる回転対称殻の弾/粘塑性動的応答
  • Overlay モデル ニ ヨル カイテン タイショウ カク ノ ダン ネンソ

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The numerical analysis of the elasto/visco-plastic dynamic response of axisymmetrical thin shells subjected to arbitrary loads is carried out by the elasto/visco-plastic overlay model which is able to express the Bauschinger effect and the strain rate dependence. Namely, Perzyna's equation is used for the constitutive relation of each layer of the overlay model, and as a whole, the Bauschinger effect and the influence of viscosity in plastic range of the material are taken into account. The equations of motion and the relations between the strains and displacements are derived by extending the Sanders linear theory in elastic shells. The numerical method selected for this problem is a method using finite difference in both space and time. In order to check the adequacy of the numerical analysis, experiments are performed on the elasto/visco-plastic response of an aluminum cylindrical shell subjectd to locally distributed impulsive loads. On the whole, relatively good agreement is obtained between the experimental results and analytical solutions.



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