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Introduction of Logic Programming to Virtual Simulation and Its Application to Examination of Welding Process in Shipbuilding

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  • 論理型プログラミング手法のバーチャルシミュレーションへの導入と造船における溶接工程検討プロセスへの適用
  • ロンリガタ プログラミング シュホウ ノ バーチャル シミュレーション エ ノ ドウニュウ ト ゾウセン ニ オケル ヨウセツ コウテイ ケントウ プロセス エ ノ テキヨウ

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Recently, virtual simulation which is a realtime simulation with 3-Dimensional computer graphics is now noticed, to apply it to the examination of various process in production systems. However, traditional ways of virtual simulation do not make the most of advantage of VR (Virtual Reality) technology, those only use VR as visualization tool of the result of the simulation, but use not enough the convenient for realizing the space instinctively.<br>We have studied the method and mechanism of merging VR technology and simulator, and this paper realizes the virtual simulation system for production systems which can exploit the advantage of VR effectively. This method can be applied to not only virtual production but also wide field of production systems such as factory maintainance and so on, and is a pioneer in the field of advanced virtual simulation.


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