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Records of Myocoptidae, Listrophoridae, Chirodiscidae, and Atopomelidae skin and fur mites in Japan

  • TAKADA Ayumi
    NPO Network for Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Natural History

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  • 日本国内におけるズツキダニ類4科(Myocoptidae, Listrophoridae, Chirodiscidae, Atopomelidae)の記録
  • ニホンコクナイ ニ オケル ズツキダニルイ 4カ(Myocoptidae, Listrophoridae, Chirodiscidae, Atopomelidae)ノ キロク

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<p>For this paper, I investigated whole past records of skin mites and fur mites (Acariformes: Sarcoptoidea) in Japan. As a result, I discovered a total 17 records related to 11 species belonging to Myocoptidae, Listrophoridae, Chirodiscidae, and Atopomelidae. </p><p>Until today, Myocoptes japonensis japonensis, Trichoecius tenax, Afrolistrophorus apodemi, Metalistrophorus pagenstecheri, Metalistrophorus sciuricola, Pteromychirus lukoschusi, and Alabidocarpus fujii have been noted in wild mammals. In addition, Leporacarus gibbus and Lynxacarus radovskyi have been found in companion mammals. Furthermore, Myocoptes musculinus, L. gibbus, and Chirodiscoides caviae have been gathered from laboratory mammals.</p>



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