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Development of the Abnormal Eating Behavior Scale New Version for Female College Student


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  • 女子学生を対象とした新版食行動異常傾向測定尺度の開発
  • ジョシ ガクセイ オ タイショウ ト シタ シンパンショク コウドウ イジョウ ケイコウ ソクテイ シャクド ノ カイハツ

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Objectives : In recent years, the number of female college students with eating disorders has been increasing. This study aimed to develop the Abnormal Eating Behavior Scale-new version (AEBS-NV) and examine its reliability and the validity. Participants : In order to develop the AEBS-NV, we conducted a survey among female college students, and eliminated incomplete responses. Two hundred twenty-six participants (mean age : 20.4±2.6) were included in survey 1, and 104 participants (mean age : 19.9±1.1) were included in survey 2. Method : In order to examine the structure of the AEBS-NV, factor analysis was conducted. In order to test the validity of the scale, we classified the participants into three groups based on factor scores (low group : LG, middle group : MG, high group : HG). For the Eating Attitude Test-26 (EAT-26) and Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI) scores, we conducted a single-factor, within-groups analysis of variance. In addition, in order to determine the scale’s cut-off score, we performed a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis for each of the subscale scores. Results : The factor analysis extracted the following three factors from 33 items : Factor 1, inappropriate diet behavior (6 items) ; Factor 2, apprehension concerning food intake (5 items) ; Factor 3, binge eating (3 items). The reliability coefficient was adequate. The HG had the highest EAT-26 and EDI scores, followed by the MG, and the LG (p<0.01). In addition, the results of the ROC analysis indicated a cut-off score of 41. Conclusions : These results showed that the reliability and construct validity of the AEBS-NV were acceptable. Additionally, the scale had good criterion-referenced validity. Therefore, it was concluded that tendency of abnormal eating behaviors in female college students could be effectively evaluated by the AEBS-NV.


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