Neuroscience and Society

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  • 脳科学と科学研究の目標設定
  • ノウ カガク ト カガク ケンキュウ ノ モクヒョウ セッテイ

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    Neuroscience is now very popular and many research projects are going. The purpose of this paper is to examine what kind of ideology is required to promote neuroscientific research. Aim of applied science is easily understood by society. In the case of pure science or basic science, the aim is “to reveal the truth”. But such abstract idea is not sufficient to get financial support from society. Genetics has an ideology of “gene reductionism”. Dawkins coined the term “selfish gene” and it had a strong influence in society. Neuroscience needs such kind of ideology and term to appeal to society.


  • Kagaku tetsugaku

    Kagaku tetsugaku 42 (2), 1-11, 2009

    The Philosophy of Science Society, Japan


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