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Back-side Illuminated Image Sensor of 16,000,000 fps

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  • 1,600万枚/秒の裏面照射撮像素子
  • 1 600マンマイ ビョウ ノ リメン ショウシャ サツゾウ ソシ

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An ultra-high speed and very high sensitivity video camera is developed. The highest frame rate reaches 16,000,000 frames per second (16Mfps). The full well capacity is 22,000 e- at the frame rate up to 4 Mfps and 8,000 e- at the 16Mfps. The pixel count is 165 kpixels (362×456 = 165,072). The total number of consecutive frames is 117 and is doubled to 234 by the interlaced imaging operation. When the on-chip CCM (Charge Carrier Multiplier) is activated, signals of 7 e- can be detected.



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