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Study of Heat and Particle Flux in the Case of Gas Injection in the D-Module of GAMMA 10/PDX

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<p>This research investigated the radiation cooling mechanism and formation of detached plasma in the case of gas injection in the D-module of GAMMA 10/PDX. In GAMMA 10/PDX, divertor simulation experiments have been started by using a divertor simulation experimental module (D-module). A V-shaped target made of tungsten has been installed in this module. In order to understand the effect of impurity injection into divertor simulation experimental module, we injected H2 and Ar gases to the D-module and measured the heat flux and ion flux. According to the increase of gas injection, reduction of ion and heat fluxes have been observed. In the Ar injection experiments, H2 gas has been injected simultaneously to examine the effect of molecular process on detached plasma formation. In this case, both the heat flux and ion flux are drastically reduced. These results indicate radiation cooling and formation of detached plasma due to gas injection. Simultaneous injection of noble gas and hydrogen gas showed the most effective results on detached plasma generation.</p>


  • Plasma and Fusion Research

    Plasma and Fusion Research 11 (0), 2402042-2402042, 2016

    The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research

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