Commercial Message Creation for Home Economics Education after Two Years of Learning

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  • 家庭科推奨CM制作による学びの終結からガイダンスをつなぐ試み
  • 家庭科推奨CM制作による学びの終結からガイダンスをつなぐ試み : 第6学年児童から第4学年児童へのメッセージ
  • カテイカ スイショウ CM セイサク ニ ヨル マナビ ノ シュウケツ カラ ガイダンス オ ツナグ ココロミ : ダイ6 ガクネン ジドウ カラ ダイ4 ガクネン ジドウ エ ノ メッセージ
  • 第6学年児童から第4学年児童へのメッセージ
  • A Message from 6th Grade Students to 4th Grade Students Who Will Begin to Learn This Subject Next Year

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Guidance is an important part of the learning experience for students who start studying home economics. This was introduced to elementary education in 2008 in the revised home economics course of study; it outlines what home economics education means to students who begin studying it, and how to conclude home economics learning, which is important for those who will finish it in elementary school. This study purpose was to propose a type of home economics guidance and analyze its challenges. Here, existing students made a commercial message to promote home economics education to commencing students. The commercial message video allowed students to articulate the positive contents of the course and to clarify their understanding of home economics learning. The content that supported students was that which the teachers emphasized in the classes. Through the creation of the commercial message video, students reconsidered their learning experience of home economics over the two years. The 4th grade students increased their motivation to learn the subject after watching the commercial messages that the senior students had created.


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