S2010204 Research for Measurement and Control of Materials in Train Control Using Imaging Device

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  • S2010204 撮像装置による列車制御を用いた計測・制御教材に関する研究([S201-02]技術教育・工学教育(2),技術と社会部門)


This study is the study to take advantage of as a teaching tool about the measurement and control, the train control system by the imaging device. This system covers all a measurement, learning content of the control that you should learn in a junior high school and a high school widely. The teaching materials are inexpensive, and are aimed at those that are easily installed by the school. In particular, the Web camera mounted model railroad, by shooting the bar code located in a fixed position to read the information. Then, making the teaching materials for controlling the trains by using the information read is the goal of this study. Train control system by the imaging device is a system of the latest available to the actual railway. In this way, by using the teaching material to simplify the latest technology, it is possible to raise awareness and student interest. Then, it is considered to be able to grow a perspective view scientific technology in life. It is expected to proceed with this study the future, continue to implement the development of teaching materials.



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