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Marine Afforestation of Large Alga(Laminaria and Sargassum) in off the Coast of the Sea of Japan, Hokkaido, Japan

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  • 北海道日本海沿岸における大型海藻群落の保全と造成に関する研究
  • 〔日本水産工学会〕学会賞受賞講演 北海道日本海沿岸における大型海藻群落の保全と造成に関する研究
  • ニホン スイサン コウガッカイ ガッカイショウ ジュショウ コウエン ホッカイドウ ニホンカイ エンガン ニ オケル オオガタ カイソウ グンラク ノ ホゼン ト ゾウセイ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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Barren ground exists off the coast of the sea of Japan, Hokkaido, Japan. In this area, the sea urchin(Strongylocentrotus nudus) dominates, and distribution of large algae(Laminaria religiosa and Sargassum confusum) is limited at shallow area. For marine afforestation of two large algae, control of grazing pressure is important. The sea urchins were removed from barren ground at Otaru, Hokkaido, from 1998 to 2000. The L. religiosa occurred on the area, but this biomass depends on water temperature during winter. There is a relationship between the water temperature and concentration of nitrate. To clear the mean and range of concentration of nitrate in fisheries ground, its yearly change in Tomari, Hokkaido, was analyzed. In order to examine the effects of nitrate for growth of the gametophyte of L religiosa, it was cultured under laboratory condition. Based on the analyze of nitrate in Tomari, concentration of nitrate was ranged from 0 to 6μM. Cell number of gametophytes increased at more than 4μM. Growth of gametophyte of L. religiosa was affected by concentration of nitrate under laboratory condition. Reproductive cycle of S. confusum was observed in Suttu, Hokkaido. The sea urchins were fished before the fruiting season, then biomass of S. confusum promptly increased. By managing of fishing season of the sea urchins, the S. confusum population is able to maintain sustain productive fisheries ground.


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