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A Research on Audiovisual Response of Children : By Using The TV Program "Asobi no Sekai Chiri" Produced By Myself


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  • 子供の視聴反応に関する研究 : 自作番組「遊びの世界地理」を使って<その2>


I have been studying whether the TV educatonal program "Asobi no Sekai Chiri" made by myself is relevant in terms of its structure and successful in making children understood its purpose. I examind the responses of junior high school students in Nagoya City by using analyser. The purpose of this research is to examine the interrelation of emotional and cognitive responses of Japanese children to an original educaional TV program. This program was based on Curriculum Enrichment idea for junior high school students and produced as one of a series of educational TV programs. It's main purpose is to give students the basic geograhical knowledge and general information about the location, population, lifestyle, indutry, culture and customs of several nations in the world. I have tried to clarify the emotional and cognitive responses of children and to analyse the interrelation of these responses. In this research I examined the responses of children to the whole program and to each of its scene. As the average in Fig.3 shows I, as the producer believe that this program was successful in making it understandable to the children. But from the view point of producing a very interesting and and juyful program I should pay more attention to studying the emotional characteristics of Japanese children and give more careful consideration of their emotional responses. This time, I use the written questionnair to get more minute responses than analyser can. he result of this study is; TV educational program is very understandable and effective for the children on concrete objects that they can watch and listen to, eg. dances, clothes, plays, customs etc, in different cultures. It was proved that an educational TV program made by a foreigner who did not know the Japanese students' sensibilities was successful in gettig their higher emotional responses. But when the programs' structure become closer to Direct Teaching about abstract conceptions and ideas, eg. Islam religion and political system, the children's emotional and cognitive responses to the program were lower. So, it is better for the teachers to offer supplemental explanations. At the same time I as a producer should make more efforts to improve the program's structure.



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