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The Present Status and Problems of Deliberative Councils for Broadcast Programmes in Terrestrial Stations


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  • 地上波民間放送局における番組審議会の現状と課題
  • 地上波民間放送局における番組審議会の現状と課題 : 審議委員の構成と運営実態に着目して
  • チジョウハ ミンカン ホウソウキョク ニ オケル バングミ シンギカイ ノ ゲンジョウ ト カダイ : シンギ イイン ノ コウセイ ト ウンエイ ジッタイ ニ チャクモク シテ
  • 審議委員の構成と運営実態に着目して
  • Constituents of Council Members and their Management

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<p> The aim of this paper is to examine the Deliberative Organ (or Council)</p><p>for broadcast programmes (Bangumi Shingikai), a statutory advisory body</p><p>established by each TV and radio station in accordance with Japan’s broadcast</p><p>act. Together with Programme Standards, the Deliberative Council is a significant</p><p>part of ‘Japan’s Regulation Model for Broadcasting’ that ensures the appropriateness</p><p>of the broadcast programmes. Designed to be self-regulatory, the</p><p>council enables broadcasters and audiences with high esteem to discuss the</p><p>quality of the programmes and consider whether they are appropriate for</p><p>broadcasting. Despite its importance, little research attention has been given to</p><p>the practice of this system. In reflecting upon the history of the system and the</p><p>gender and occupational ratio of committee members, this paper focuses on</p><p>how terrestrial commercial broadcasting stations have managed the council.</p><p>Surveys were also conducted among these stations in 2016, and the results indicate that the system is not fully regarded as a system of self-regulation among</p><p>broadcasters, although it is generally valued from the point of programme</p><p>improvement.</p>


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