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Experimental study on the squeezing flow of viscoelastic fluids. 1st report The effect of liquid properties on the flow between a spherical surface and a flat plate.

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  • 粘弾性流体のスクイズ流れに関する実験的研究 I  球面‐平面間の流動に及ぼす流体特性の影響
  • ネンダンセイ リュウタイ ノ スクイズ ナガレ ニ カンスル ジッケンテキ ケ

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An experimental study has been made on the flow of viscoelastic inquids in thin films held between a flat plate and a spherical surface of a large radius of curvature, Especially, the case is investigated when a spherical surface begins to roll on a flat plate from a stationary and contacting state. Dilute polymer solutions are used as viscoelastic fluids, whose properties are elastic but Newtonian in viscosity. compared with non-elastic liquid, some effects are shown : The point of cavitation is far from the center of contact where the thickness of the liquid film is minimum. The thickness of the liquid film, generated with a rolling movement, is larger than that of non-elastic liquids.


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