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A Study on Highly Turbulent Premixed Flames in a Cyclone-Jet Combustor. 3rd Report. Measurement of Turbulence Scale in Combustion Field by Slot-Correlation Method.

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  • 旋回噴流燃焼器を用いた強乱流予混合火炎の研究 第3報  Slot‐Correlation法による燃焼場の乱れスケールの計測
  • 旋回噴流燃焼器を用いた強乱流予混合火炎の研究 (第3報, Slot-Correlation法による燃焼場の乱れスケールの計測)
  • センカイ フンリュウ ネンショウキ オ モチイタ キョウ ランリュウ ヨ コンゴウ カエン ノ ケンキュウ ダイ3ポウ Slot Correlationホウ ニ ヨル ネンショウバ ノ ミダレ スケール ノ ケイソク

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Premixed flames in highly turbulent flow have been investigated by a cyclone-jet combustor. The velocity field has been measured using LDV (laser-doppler velocimeter) to analyze the experimental conditions on the combustion diagram. Especially, the requirement for determination of turbulence scale has been examined. In conventional data-sampling, the interpolated velocity data does include errors so that the auto-correlation coefficient is higher, resulting in the larger integral time scale of turbulence. Slot-Correlation method is useful to examine the velocity fluctuation based on randomly sampled data by LDV. For determining integral time scale, the data number of the order of 105 is needed within 10% error. The flow field is changed by combustion and the turbulence is reduced, with the turbulence scale smaller. On the combustion diagram, the condition of Um<15 m/s belongs to the flamelet regime, and that of Um>20 m/s belongs to the distributed reaction zone regime.


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