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Stability Analysis of a Collapsible Tube Conveying Fluid. On Effects of Perturbations Induced by Movement of Separation Point and Length of Downstream Channel.

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  • 流体を伝えるつぶれやすい管の安定性解析  剥離点の移動に伴う擾乱と下流流路の長さの影響について
  • リュウタイ オ ツタエル ツブレ ヤスイ カン ノ アンテイセイ カイセキ ハクリテン ノ イドウ ニ トモナウ ジョウラン ト カリュウ リュウロ ノ ナガサ ノ エイキョウ ニ ツイテ

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Stability of the steady state of a collapsible tube conveying fluid is investigated, using a two-dimensional flexible channel model. The model consists of a pair of elastic membranes supported by distributed nonlinear springs equivalent to the hoop tension of the tube. Perturbation equations are numerically solved using a shooting method. In the present study examined are the effects of (1) perturbations of spatial distributions of separation coefficient and viscous resistance induced by the movement of separation point and (2) a length of downstream rigid channel connected to the collapsible segment on the stability. The results show that, depending on the length of downstream channel and the flow rate, the steady states become unstable to different modes of osicillation, while the perturbations induced by the movement of separation point does not affect the stability very much.



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