Efficient Dynamic Simulation Method of Cranes with a Spherical Pendulum.

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  • 球面振子を有するクレーンのシミュレーション法


In the development of a strictly dynamic computer simulation for cranes with a spherical pendulum such as a rotary crane, it is necessary to derive the complex equations of motion. This paper presents a new approach of the mathematical model that is expressed using the open-loop linkage model. To simulate the crane's load swing efficiently, a new simulation method based on both this model and the recursive Newton-Euler formulation developed for the robots is also proposed. This method is applied to the reduced scale truck crane which can carry out four kinds of motion (i.e., rotation, boom hoisting, boom extending-shrinking and load hoisting) simultaneously. A further advantage of using this model is that many results developed for robots can be applied to developing the intelligent crane.



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