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Biomechanical Analysis of Grasp Motion Characteristics.

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  • 手の把握動作に関する生体力学的解析
  • テ ノ ハアク ドウサ ニ カンスル セイタイ リキガクテキ カイセキ

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This paper is concerned with biomechanical analysis of the motion characteristics for grasping a solid cylinder. Contact pressure and surface electromyogram (surface EMG) of muscle flexor digitorum superficialis during grip motion were measured using a contact pressure measurement system with pressure-sensitive conductive rubber sensors and an electromyograph, respectively. In addition, direct linear transformation (DLT) technique with a video camera system is used to analyze three-dimensional joint motion of fingers. It was found that the tips of middle finger, ring finger and thumb are mainly used to stably grip the cylinder. The experimental results also showed that grip pressure increased with an increase in the weight of the cylinder with a constant diameter.


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