Improvement of Fermented Rice Noodles in Thailand and Their Characteristics

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  • タイにおける発酵米麺の改良とその特性
  • タイ ニ オケル ハッコウ ベイメン ノ カイリョウ ト ソノ トクセイ

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The component of Thai fermented rice noodles (Kha Nhom Jeen), and relations of the microorganisms present in the noodle-making the process were investigated, and we attempted to improve the process. Microorganisms including Bacillus, yeast, fungus, and lactobacilli were present during the processing of fermented rice noodles. In the traditional processing of fermented rice noodles, protein and free amino acids are flushed out in hot water, and the amounts of these components in the product (Kha Nhom Jeen) are decreased. However, we found that the rice allergenic protein in the noodles were hypoallergenized during processing. With improvements in the processing of the noodles, the loss of protein and free amino acids can be prevented. The improved fermented rice noodles contain large amounts of functional components such as γ-aminobutyric acid and branched chains amino acids, were hypoallergenized the same as with the conventional Kha Nhom Jeen.



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